Promotion System.

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Promotion System.

Post  Killer Void on Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:16 pm

Hallo and welcome to LGN GUARD LD. I have setup a Point System to promote people in GUARD. There are two ways we decide to promote you.

First the Mandatory requirements that all members must follow nomatter what promotion they are getting and then the Point System requirements for different levels of promotions.

The Point System works by promoting by how many points you errand.

Mandatory Requirements.
1 You must read the LGN Honor Code and Xbox Live Code of Conduct.
2 You must know the motto and emblem for all ranks bellow you.
3 You must respect your uppers and lowers in LGN.

Point System Info.
Each recruit is worth 1 point.
Hosting a Game Night is worth 3 points.
Hosting a Training Night is worth 3 points.
attending all scheduled Events is worthn 1 point a week.

Corporal Requires 3 points a week.
Sargents Requires 5 points a week.
Lieutenant Requires 7 points a week.
Captain Requires 9 points a week.

You must meet your required points atleast once a month or you will be demoted.

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