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Post  LGN JoNeZzy RS on Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:04 am

Hey whats up im LGN JoNeZzy RS, i am 14 and i love playing halo3 and CoD4. I am a HUGE sports fan, without them i would be lost. My favorite sports are Tennis, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball, laccrosse, hockey, and football. My favorite hobby besides xbox is texting, i LOVE to text. If you want to text anytime just send me a message asking for my phone number and ill give it to ya. Okay now to the LGN stuff! I am a General in Phantom. LGN is a great gaming community, Keep it up guys! I have been in KSI, UEG, GGN, KIA, and many more clans, and LGN is the most friendly clan yet, so keep it up LGN. I am lucky to have LGN Tojo on my friends list. Many of you know him, he is the Chief of Staff, and he has always been there for me and when i needed advice he gave me some. Tojo is probably my hero and mentor. Okay well that is about all for JoNeZzy!

---thanks, Bryce Jones

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